At MGTS, a software and IT business app development company, we have formed a detailed policy related to any customer or user information we collect and use. With due respect to the privacy of every user and visitor, we have a well-charted out privacy policy which we abide by when handling personal data..

We ensure that all of our data handlings are carried out as per the applicable law. If you have any doubts regarding any of these policies or standards, please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries. We would be more than happy to clarify.

Collection and use of personal information

To carry out our services, like designing and developing software, we require an in-depth knowledge of our clients and their requirements. It is to make sure that we provide them with the best possible solutions. Hence, we collect some of their personal information.

We may also collect some of the information from third parties indirectly. However, our privacy policy ensures you that we use these details solely for our service requirements or to improve our offers. Look at the following list to know what information we may collect.

  • Your name and job role
  • The company’s or organisation’s name
  • Details like email and phone number to contact you
  • Details related to demographic factors like postal codes, tastes and preferences, etc.
  • Other relevant information about customer surveys
  • IT details to process or access networks and systems
  • Other information relevant as per the development of the client’s solution

In no way do we initiate the collection of any sensitive personal information that may bear serious implication or may be irrelevant to the purposes stated here.

Security of personal information

Any personal information we collect is secured in our IT business app development company as per industry standards. Thus, when you entrust us with any of your sensitive data, like financial information, employee details or operational details, rest assured that under no circumstance shall we breach your trust. We shall keep it safe.

We also do not involve ourselves in any selling, renting or trading of personal information to/with a third party.

Retention of information

We do not retain your personal information any longer than a period that is necessary to our operational requirements for which it is being collected or furnished.

Disclaimer: We undertake the responsibility to revise our privacy policy as per any change in our modus operandi pertaining to the use of personal information. However, this software and IT business app development company is not liable to provide any prior intimation to any of the clients or site visitors. Therefore, we request you to visit this page often so that you stay informed of all updates.

For any details related to our terms of use, you may refer to our terms and conditions.