About Compliance Management Application

CMP (Compliance Monitoring Plan) Plus is a cloud-based risk and compliance management solution for organizations of all sizes. Performing day to day all business compliance, manage all client data files and documents also manage online auditing system, on boarding due diligence as per FCA standardised.

Key Features






  • Compliance Audit management

CMP Plus Benefits

  • Assess Risks in Multiple Areas : Helps in assessing risks in all Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) functional areas.
  • Maintain Business Process Workflow to Minimize Risk
  • Manage Client and Contact : Manage all client and client’s contact data.
  • Easily Access Files : Can access Company’s efile Library at any place.
  • Audit Review : Web based Audit review by Auditee
  • Integration : Can integrate with other LMS system


This report is showing the "Audit overall Score %" and the various status (like- Pending, In progress, Review Pending and Reviewed etc ) of every Audit of a company performed by Auditee (Reviewee). The RAG colors are depends on the "Audit overall Score %" and "Audit status"

Which gives high-level summary of the contract and project. We can use the report to check cost and receipt totals for individual customers and contracts or projects, and to obtain an overview of the cash generated and used by your contracts. It also provides a summary for each contract and project including: current estimated revenue, total actual costs, actual revenue, and customer receipts in a specified range.

The Revenue streams categorize the earnings a business generates from certain pricing mechanisms and channels and it also the amount of money that is brought into a company by its business activities. It generates the report of revenue status of the company as month wise

The compliance plan refers the rules and regulations of regulatory agencies, that company policies and procedures are being followed, and that behavior in the organization meets the company's Standards of Conduct. This report is use to identify the risk status of all compliance activities of a company.

This is report is showing the every status of an Audit (Review) with the number of version, number of Sections, Section Range and Range% etc . The RAG color of the pie chart are depends of the audit Status.

The screen allowing the user to easily see what is most urgent and important and allow them to perform that task easily and quickly, with the minimum of mouse clicks. Different people work in different ways, so the user can see, filter and action their tasks by using different aids that are easily to hand.

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