Quality & Infra Security

The quality of developments MGTS is involved in, be it mobile app development or CMS website, is at par with international standards. Our satisfied clients and the track record for our services stand as a testimony that we have stuck through these standards all the way.

The high quality services have helped us achieve:

  • A high rate of customer retention
  • Uncompromised services and solutions
  • 8 years of successful operation.

We are growing every day with this operational value as our core strength. It is because our idea is to provide with a safeguarded solution to our clients, irrespective of the efforts required from our end.

“Applications and infrastructure security is the first step to sustainable IT solutions!”

The statement is self-explanative. At MGTS, we make sure each of its words holds true when we operate and serve our clients. Thus, our team ensures each of our clients:

  • Operates under full confidentiality
  • Is assured of security
  • Does not have to worry about data theft
  • Need not employ extra infrastructural security measures

MGTS can assist with detailed process mapping to ensure that your own processes are determined with the aim of tailoring your own management system.

Hire us for any of the solutions we offer like mobile app development or data formatting and cleaning services along with others. You can rest assured that the standards for infrastructural and security we follow are unbreachable.

International standard certifications we have obtained

  • ISO 270001:2013
  • ISO 9001:2013

These two certifications are proof enough to validate the quality of services and security features we stick to, be it apps or ITES solutions.

We also use:

  • Sophos’s Hardware Firewall at the gateway level
  • Corporate Bitdefender for safeguarding from hacking attempts and frauds.

With these premium infra-security features, you can reach us without any second-thought on our infrastructural safeguarding capabilities.

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