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Sales Mobile App




Codeignitor, Ionics, Angular JS, mysql

Business Situation

Our Client requirement was to track there sales employee's GPS location along with sales visit tracking, sales order and payment collection data logging via mobile app. We then developed An android based sales employee tracking app with web-based admin panel to track GPS location of sales employee and manage their daily moves by capturing updated and authentic data from point of execution. Employees need to take a picture after visiting a dealer or distributor to make that visit valid. User can also need to have facility of Check-in and Check-out from client visit. Updated product list need to integrated with our client tally database and to be shown in the mobile. The sales employee now can enter check the stocks and then place the Order details directly using the App and the order is made available in real-time.



We have a extensive 5 years of rich experience on mobile-based app development solutions. WE have integrated client tally database for that we have designed the database in such a way that only one sync will update the required information from the tally database to our customized mysql database.

The admin can able to see the real time orders and payment collections. All sales head will able to see the visited location of all the sales personal online real-time.

We have to map the personal home location to verify the location where was he and that's the distance.

Ensure software quality and reliability.

Web panel to add new employees with the mapped sales head. There are different levels and permissions for accessing the information’s. Security is another aspect that we have to take care of as we integrated live tally database of the client.


This app ultimately improves the sales team performance. The in details of sales analytics and reporting generated by our app assure our client worthy investment- Now there sales team is performing as per their expectation. When sales employees check in and out of dealer/distributor visits with the app, their locations are recorded, the duration of the visit is calculated.

  • Once the contact and the location of the distributors, dealers, retailers or clients is updated the sales team gets it handy.
  • Duration of visit automatically calculated with mapped meeting locations.
  • Sales employee can Create sales order and the Order details is updates on the web panel for admins and authority.
  • Employee can take images from visit location for authenticate their visit.
  • Updated product list is available on Mobile App for easy reference and collect the orders.
  • Extensive analytical report and that is also without waiting.


All over the performance of the sales team increased and the processed is very optimized now. client's Sales Employee GPS tracking system allows them to manage their business resources effectively, providing access to vital information that helps to improve their sales and reduces cost. It is the result through which they have their required details of their Employees with alert and reporting. The solution Tracking also enhances effective monitoring and control over the sales personnel. We provided an advanced Monitoring System with management capabilities that offers much more features than a standard GPS Tracking system in low cost. The application is developed by skilled developers and engineers with the ability to customize client exact requirement and successfully deploy it.

  • Team Leader/Admins gets notification and it's for all the branches of different cities.
  • New added/joined employee easily gets his/her dealer/distributors address.
  • Exact report of distance, time spent.
  • Ultimately saves a lot of time of the employees after generating log and visit details.

Just Sales Mobile App

Just sales have some especially cool feature like Geolocation, Documents and Presentation, Order-Taking and Invoicing with current stock update, Expense and Travel Management and tally.

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