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Over 8 years of operating in the field of IT business application, software development and ITES services have given us expertise and exposure. We have successfully worked with some of the biggest brands spread globally. With dedication and commitment, we have earned global clientele, with the broadest customer base spanning over the USA, the U.K. and India.

Our core strength of operation –

  • Quintessential professionalism
  • On-time project delivery
  • Experts dedicated to different services and solutions
  • Developers with the right skills for expansive integration as per client requirement
  • Exceptional expertise and an eye for details, thus, resulting in customized solutions
  • Unique upscaling capability on short notice

These strengths combine to make us unparalleled service providers, if not the best in the IT and ITES solutions industry.

When we bid for projects, we make sure our bids reflect -

  • A comprehensive bifurcation of solutions and services with their parallel costs stated.
  • Cost-effectiveness, as we ensure our clients can avail our solutions for long without any need for patching or restructuring of framework.
  • An affordable budget so that clients operating at both small and large scale can go for.

At MGTS, we have also made sure that bids are made during a timeframe that gives them ample scope to assess the bid’s viability.

We also use -

  • Sophos’s Hardware Firewall at the gateway level
  • Corporate Bitdefender for safeguarding from hacking attempts and frauds.

With these premium infra-security features, you can reach us without any second-thought on our infrastructural safeguarding capabilities.

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Long-term success of a business starts with a successful bidding process. We make sure that we are the strongest contenders. We carry forward this streak of enthusiasm to our IT business application and solutions development too.

We ensure this through –

  • Enhancing technical capacity
  • Employing our expert resources for specific developments
  • Providing reliable services
  • Giving clients a considerable value for money

At MGTS, we have also made sure that bids are made during a timeframe that gives them ample scope to assess the bid’s viability.

We have also extended our services to –

  • Providing updates regularly
  • Resolving queries at the earliest

With these 360-degree solutions, we have extended our reach and are serving premium clients from across the world.

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MGTS has worked, collaborated and partnered with some of the global leaders in their respective fields all over the world, namely Europe, U.S.A., UK and Asia, including that of India. Our relationships with all these clients have grown over years and gradually evolved into deep bonding, trust and mutual respect.

Our Testimonials


Mallon Technology Limited subcontract our large data capture projects to our trusted partner, MG Tathya Solutions Ltd (MGTS). Mallon Technology has continuously worked with MGTS for several years. Together we have the technical capacity, resources and expertise to deliver a top quality and reliable service, providing peace of mind and value for money. MG Tathya Ltd have been great to work with throughout the different projects. They always put together a comprehensive, cost-effective bid during the tendering process and they stay within the timeframe and budget. MGTS always produce high-quality results and they provide regular updates and respond quickly to any queries. They are an excellent supplier and I highly recommend them..


We started working with MG Tathya services in 2010 on various data entry projects. What we were looking for was a professional Company who could deliver to a high quality standard and completion on time. In MG Tathya services we found such a Company. Their consummate professionalism, attention to detail and handy European point of contact combined with their ability to upscale at short notice for larger projects has been extremely beneficial in us securing some prestigious contracts.


“MGTS save been a trusted partner for 15 years”


“MGTS save been a trusted partner for 15 years”