There is a trove of information dumped on the internet which can be utilised by businesses for making informed decisions and gaining market insights. MG Tathya Solutions (MGTS) provides expert data mining and extraction services for a full gamut of business models from a variety of sources.

Our experienced team of data specialists can retrieve data effortlessly in a short span of time. Our data extraction services include retrieving raw data from the internet, analysing and categorising it into a structured format and delivering accurate data to our clients as per their requirements.

Our expert solutions cater to a broad spectre of industries including e-commerce sites, HR firms, finance companies, schools and colleges, banking sector, IT and web development companies, the stock market and recruitment agencies.

Data extraction & mining services at MGTS

MGTS offers a variety of services related to web data extraction-

  • Database extraction
  • Metadata extraction
  • PDF and other documents extraction
  • Image extraction
  • Business information search
  • Educational data search
  • Website lists, contact lists compilation
  • Website lists, contact lists compilation
  • News collection

The possibilities are endless. Give us a call today to discuss them in more details.

Why choose us?

We have devised specialised tools to perform all these tasks most accurately and in the quickest possible time. Let us handle all your data extraction needs while you focus on building your business.

  • Save time and effort by eliminating manual database searches
  • No need for individual software installation
  • Avail tailor-made data based on your unique business requirements
  • Get data from a variety of avenues
  • No need to go through tons of unimportant data; get only what you need

Success Stories

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Document Digitization

MGTS possess expertise, experience and specialization in providing high-volume document and data processing services to Corporations, Government and Private agencies at a considerably low cost ...

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Ad Posting and Salesforce CRM

One of the leading UK based publishing company has partnered with MGTS to handle their complete production process, which include Broadcasting, Quality Control, Client Reporting, ...

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Data Cleansing and Web Research

MGTS has served one UK based company to build a comprehensive Venue and event listing database based on Art, Attraction, Music, Life Style, Entertainment etc. We also had the ...

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