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Ad Posting And Salesforce CRM


Broad casting and Publishing


Business Situation

The client is broadcasting and publishing events in the World Wide Web. They have quite large client base in UK, USA, Australia and all major English-speaking countries. Presently, the company posts around 1000+ events per month. The company is also aggressively working to tap the market place of non-English speaking countries as well and developing multi-lingual software solution for that purpose.



The client has partnered with MG Tathya Solutions to handle their complete production process, which include
a) Broadcasting,
b) Quality Control and
c) Client Reporting.
After partnering with MGTS, the operation cost of the company has been reduced to 1/3 and they are now able to fully concentrate on market expansion without bothering about operational capacity.


1) The event/conference organizers submit events to broadcast and purchase one of the client's many broadcasting products or policies.
2) Then the client allots a unique number to each event and submits them to MGTS for submission.
3) Given below various categories of events as classified by the client


4) There are total 300+ channels or websites, where events are submitted.
5) All the events are not submitted in all the channels, and that depends upon product type subscribed by their client.
6) MGTS staff members submit events into various channels through a web-based application so that each submission can be tracked, and MIS can be generated. Also, the number of clicks on the events postings in various channels can be tracked.
7) The following information in relation to an event are generally posted:


8) Different channels have different interfaces and rules for posting events. MGTS have prepared detailed documentation or work-instructions for posting into various channels.
9) MGTS project team members are trained accordingly.
10) MGTS maintains three categories of staff members:




  • 24 x 7 Production Support – The client is able to get production support during weekend enabling them to improve the turnaround time resulting to improved satisfaction to the end client.<\li>
  • Increased Productivity – This outsourcing of production process helped the client to increase the scope of work for their employees while keeping the head count constant. It could save the client more than GBP 15,000.00 per month.<\li>
  • Business Expansion – The client could engage their free-up resources for product development and marketing activity resulting to double their business volume within two months.<\li>
  • Ad Posting And Salesforce CRM

    One of the leading UK based publishing company has partnered with MGTS to handle their complete production process, which include Broadcasting, Quality Control, Client Reporting, Sales Force management, Lead Generation.

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