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Who We Are

MG Tathya Solutions is one of the leaders in the field of software development with its corporate office in Kolkata, West Bengal, India and the headquarter of the company is located in Houston, United States.

Why Us

It is quite a common question that why choose MG Tathya Solutions. But we will not be answering your question. It is our satisfied customers who speak for us and would certainly provide the most appropriate answer for your questions.

Our Value

We at MG Tathya Solutions believe in hard work and dedication without which it would be difficult to taste success. But our formula of success is a bit different from others. Our success lies in the success of our clients.

Quality & Infra Security

We believe in quality work and we make sure that there is no compromise in the quality of work we do. Quality is something which we give the most attention to and this is the main reason for our high rate of customer retention. Our mission is to constantly safeguard..


Artboard 1 Web Development We have been specialized in many complex fields of web, software development and designing.We have extended our services from basic core PHP development to dev- elopment many CMSs like WordPress,etc. Promotion of a product or service is ex- tremely important in contemporary society. Mobile Solution Today’s market many businesses are turning to ITeS to help them respond to the unpre- cedented market conditions and make vital changes.MGTS’s comprehensive portfolio provides industry-specific as well as cross- industry ITeS solutions which helps our clients to achieve instant and continual. Digital Marketing We acknowledge that each and every site is different,with distinct set of require- ments.Hence, employ unique SEO servi- ces for each of you. Creative Corner We help your operations complete their project on time, under budget and meet- ing 100% of the requirements. Enterprise Software Our Manufacturing Execution Systems com- prise applications that connect the real-time data originated at the shop floor with the enterprise level applications. Cloud Solution In today’s world, Organizations’ IT infrastru- ctures are struggling to meet the rapid change due to lack of innovation and modernization. ITeS Solution Today’s market many businesses are turning to ITeS to help them respond to the unprece- dented market conditions and make vital changes.MGTS’s comprehensive portfolio provides industry-specific as well as cross- industry ITeS solutions which helps our clients to achieve instant and continual. Learn more



Trading is one of the industries in which specialise in. Our dedicated team of professionals are constantly working hard to come up with something innovative which helps our clients to stand out from all in the fierce competition. The areas where we help our clients in trading industry are as follows.If you intend to start your own ecommerce business, then we will help you to create a customisable ecommerce platform

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Health Care

The services of MG Tathya Solutions are extended to the healthcare industry as well. We provide services to the hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and several other healthcare institutions which are as discussed below. We help in the development of the website of the healthcare institutions so that all the works can be conducted in a smooth manner without any kinds of interruptions.

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MG Tathya Solutions provides it support to the transport industry as well. We help the business owners with their transportation business in the following ways.First of all, we help them to build their presence online since we clearly understand its importance in the recent times.We have seen that internet has been ruling our lives presently and without the online presence of a business

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Banking is another industry where MG Tathya Solutions has a lot to offer. We have a specialised department that deals with the services rendered to the banking industry. Our team consists of professionals who have adequate exposure to the banking industry and are aimed at delivering quality results within a limited frame of time.

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Education is another of the industry that we have expertise in. We have a dedicated team at MG Tathya Solutions which works only for the education industry. We have already worked for various educational institutions, colleges, schools and universities in fulfilling their requirements in the following ways.The first thing we do is to build and develop the website of the educational institutions in the exact way as demanded.

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Media is another of the industry in where we have our expertise. MG Tathya Solutions offers a complete range of solution in the field of media which are as listed below.he creation of the specialised and sophisticated media websites for the business owners of the media industry. We understand that an attractive website plays a vital role in the attraction of customers

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Visit Tracking App

  • Know where our Valuable sales employees
  • You can know employee’s geographical reach
  • Online ordering through app
  • Can capture task done images
  • You can assign work to the sales employees

Compliance Management System

  • Manage Compliance Client
  • Process Client Contract and billing
  • Online Audit setup, process and review
  • Client Compliance management
  • FCA Senior Managers and Certification Regime

Customer Management System

  • Contact management.
  • Manages campaigns from start to end.
  • Integration with External app.
  • Feedback Call tracking
  • Generate real-time data that makes reporting more timely and accurate

Sales Analysis App

  • Anywhere Access of the Application
  • Friendly and Interactive Dashboards
  • Simplicity to track sales
  • Dynamic and useful reports
  • Flexibility combination of Sales History & CRM Activity

Order Tracking App

  • Sales Order Generation over Mobile
  • Collection Management through Bank and Cash
  • Real-time Sales Reporting
  • Agile order entry process
  • Distinct report for Target vs. Achievement

HR Management System

  • Manage Employee Information records
  • Leave Management and online leave application
  • Daily Attendance Management
  • Salary Processing
  • Income Tax and Form 16 Generation

Hybrid Cloud Application

  • HyBench: A unique Hybrid Cloud Framework
  • Time based Automation
  • Event driven Automation using HyBench and scheduler
  • Apply Access control rules
  • Plugins to quickly enhance your Hybrid Cloud capabilities


  • Regional bases custom search
  • Route finder
  • Easy to use
  • Exact search over a area
  • User friendly Locator