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Having established our software development business on 14th April 2010, it has been over three years we are still struggling to discharge our best services. However in this period of our services we have been specialized in many complex fields of web, software development and designing. We have extended our services from basic core PHP development to development of many CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Codeigniter, and smarty and so on.

Web Development

Despite these marvelous achievements I would rather like to mention two special categories where we are doing remarkably well. One is "Tour & Travel Portals" which are now considered very useful web application in the booming business of travel and hotel sector in this internet age. We have been developing here all kinds of tour and travel portals integrating different kinds of APIs like Expedia, White Label, Hotel combined, Agoda, Rail Easy and so on for booking flight ticket, Bus ticket, car, hotel, bed, hostel and many more.

Web Broadcast & Publishing

Web Development

Now-a-days, more people than ever before go online for information and entertainment. Every day, almost half of all adult Internet users read web publications, and nearly a third watch Web videos. Hence companies are now focusing on Internet world to advertise their product or services. Many technology companies have come up with their technology ad solutions to broadcast products and services in Internet world and thereby increase their visibility.

We at MGTS are expert in providing backend support services to such Internet advertising and Internet marketing companies. Our service areas include:

  • Advertisement Work-Flow Management
  • Content Development from available resource
  • Content Review & Editing
  • Web Broadcasting of Content